To no one’s surprise, the parents of the late, Aaliyah Dana Houghton have filed a lawsuit against Virgin Records and others on Monday. The suit alleges negligence in not preventing the plane crash that killed the singer/actress and 8 others last year.

Aaliyah and her entourage died last August 25 in the Bahamas when a twin-engine Cessna crashed just after takeoff. She had been in the island nation shooting a video.

Aaliyah’s parents, Diane and Michael Haughton, filed the suit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday. The suit alleges that the overloaded plane was the wrong one for the charter flight to Florida and that the pilot was unqualified to fly it.

The lawsuit claims that Virgin and the other companies named knew that the pilot was inexperienced and that the 10-seat Cessna 402-B was not an appropriate aircraft, factors that “could and would result in a crash.”

Meanwhile, Reuters reports that the Bahamian government is wrapping up its investigation and plans to cite pilot error, inexperience and excess weight as the three main contributing factors to the crash.

Reprinted with permission: www.eurweb.com

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