A’lynne Robinson

Are you involved in your local neighborhood association? How long? Yes, I am on the Board of Lewton-Rich Neighborhood Association.     I have been involved since I returned to Lansing two years ago.  If not what other local volunteer/civic organizations have you been involved with.  If you have, name one accomplishment.  I am also on the Board of Directors of Junior Achievement, a member of the NAACP, Girl Scout Council and Delta Sigma Theta. I was also previously an elected member of the Commission for Women (University of Michigan-Dearborn).  I am also an "ALLY".

In what capacity have you ever worked with  those who are economically distressed?  or people of color? I have previously served as the Vice President of an Economic Development Corporation (EDC) that worked to ensure fair and equal housing.  I have participated in Meals on wheels and America Reads.

How will you encourage voters that don’t typically vote?  Members of my campaign committee and I have been knocking on doors and introducing ourselves to third ward residents that don’t typically vote.  We are sharing information about the primary voting date and locations.  It is our goal to encourage everyone to get out and vote.

Do or did your children attend school in Lansing?  If they don’t why. My daughter is only 2 1/2 so she is not quite school age yet.  She does however, attend a Preschool on Holmes Rd.

How do you plan to build relationships with churches, businesses and residents? I have personally met with pastors in the Third Ward to share my vision for "Building a BRIGHT future for the Third Ward!".  We will be inviting area business owners to Coffee with the Candidate yet this summer. Third Ward residents are becoming accustomed to speaking with me on Saturday mornings as I walk the ward.

What are your plans for the Southside, especially the Pleasant Grove and Holmes  intersection? My goal is to recruit and retain businesses for the South/West Corridor of the Third Ward.  Hosting Community Forums that are sponsored by business owners in the area to allow the community to put a face with the business.  I believe this will help build a rapport and connection between business owners and customers.

What is your  opinion regarding the Southside Community Center? combining the Capital Area District Library with the Impression Five museum?  plans for Oliver Towers? We certainly need a Southside Community Center.  Conversations need to be rekindled with residents of the Southside of Lansing to ensure the proper placement of the center.  The library and Impression Five are extremely important centers for learning in our community.  The more opportunities available for our children to learn the better.  The plans for Oliver Towers need to be well thought and there needs to be equal consideration given to all interested parties in the process.

Where did you candidates attend K-12? I attended and graduated from: Wexford, Gardner Junior High School and Everett High School.

What is your educational background? I graduated from the University of Michigan with undergrad degrees in Political Science, African American Studies and Women Studies, I later went on to complete my Masters work in Management Administration at Metropolitan State University  What is your professional back ground?  Previously I have been a Director of Multicultural Affairs, Admissions and Academic Advising and presently I am the Executive Director of Community Relations for Jackson Public Schools.

What is your favorite recreational spot? Hawk Island is my favorite spot in Lansing.

Do you feel that Lansing is on the move and why?  I definitely feel like Lansing is on the move.  I just want to make sure it doesn’t move away from its trademark of strong neighborhoods.