Approval of Millage Will Provide Continued Excellence in Our Parks

LANSING, MI — On the August 2, 2005 ballot, Lansing Parks and Recreation will be seeking another renewal of a new one mill five year millage. 
   The last millage in November of 2000, passed with a 72% voter approval. As this five year millage expires, one of the challenges faced by the department is the continuance of the millage.
   Director of Parks and Recreation, Murdock Jemerson said, “It is important for residents to understand this is a millage renewal and property taxes will not increase.”
  More people are coming together to play and experience the Lansing’s parks and special facilities.
   With each barbecue, picnic, event or visit something happens; communities evolve, people bond and an identity is developed.
    Muhammad Abu-Bakr has been a resident of Lansing for 57 years and is currently an  eastside resident. His first time attending an event at a Lansing Park was on June 30, 2005.  Abu-Bakr said, “Frances Park was so appropriate for a poetry event. The openness of the park was great and you could appreciate the natural setting as well.  I hope that you do more events in the park, it enhanced the natural flow of the words spoken.”

Mission Statement of Lansing Parks and Recreation

“The mission of the Lansing Parks and Recreation Department is to enhance the quality of life through the preservation and  maintenance of park lands, the provision of quality leisure time
activities and the provision of special facilities which would otherwise not be available to Lansing

Points of Interests
– Adado – Riverfront
– Frances Park – award winning rose garden
– Davis Park
– Moores Park and Pool
– Hunter Park and Pool
– Turner Mini- Park
– Ranney Park
– Cooley Gardens
– Cherry Hill Park and Boat Launch
– Groesbeck Golf Course
– Durant Park – Historical Arch
– Washington Park Ice Skating Complex
– Letts Community Center
– Miller Road Senior Center