As I See It… 6-7

By Suellen Hozman

     Don Imus is not the center of the universe.  The population of the universe is not one.  Don Imus is not the problem but a symptom of the problem.  Racism and misogyny are not the problem.  They, too, are symptoms of the problem.
    The media has been flooded with a self righteous resurrection of discussions about racism and misogyny because they don’t want to economically suffer.  Racism and misogyny are the topics because they honestly believe that they are the problem.
   Well, take a deep breath.  The real problem is primal.  The alpha males of the country are just plain mad.  This phenomenon is so basic they are clueless.  Ever notice who on television is leading most of these discussions?  This is the United States of America.  The United States of alpha males in charge.  It’s been that way since the successful genocide of the indigenous people on this soil.
    It’s been a birth right that allows them to depend on a lot.  For example, they will have the majority power over the executive, legislative and judicial branch of government, power over the economy, have the most money, the most real estate, and of course the space program.  Today earth, tomorrow the universe.
    We are primates and a combination of nature and nurture.  There are always alpha males and alpha females.  There are always omega male and females, the last letter of the Greek alphabet, those at the bottom of the social hierarchy.  This pecking order is inevitable.
    White males have enjoyed the alpha male status since the birth of this country that promised that all white males are created equal.  Don’t be lazy and conclude that all white males are bad.  It’s biology.  Some group had to be top dog in the pecking order.
    The pecking order is changing.  Those in power don’t relinquish power willingly.  They fight.  They rebel.  They kill.  Today the message is experienced by the youngest generation of white males.  They are furious that they will not inherit the birth right of their fathers.  They are so damn mad that some of them go to their schools and kill their classmates.  When they get older they get mad at the government who no longer protects them and destroy government buildings like the Federal Mirrah Building in Oklahoma.  Then when they decide to marry they want you to sign a pre-nuptial.  After all, who can you trust anymore?  It really gets dangerous if we elect them to the presidency.  Then the alpha male knee jerk can take us to war and kill a lot of people due to fear of weapons of mass destruction.  Anyone who has read a romance novel can tell you the real meaning of “weapon”.
     The white male dynasty is dying as all dynasties must die.  Their protective taboos are also dying; rape, incest, misogyny, racism and homophobia. You really can’t run for president anymore and screw around outside of your marriage with women, men or children.  Go figure.  Is it any wonder that so many long for the good old days?  When people knew their place.
     It used to be that the alpha males could always get away with a “joke” that indicated that they were superior to someone else.  The alpha males call the change PC, political correctness.
            Sharing doesn’t come naturally.  Ask any parent.  It certainly doesn’t come naturally to the alpha male.  He does not choose to change.  He is being forced to change.  How would you like it?
     We are a country that celebrates and embraces pecking order.  Fill out an application and you will be asked if you are African American, Alaska Native, American Indian, Asian American, Black, Hispanic, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Multiracial, or White.  I check “other” and write in human being.  If we continue to give entitlement to contrived “groups” and behave as if they are more important than “human being” than be prepared for the next alpha male or alpha female dynasty to behave very similarly to the current one.
   I’m ready for a revolution.  The human being revolution.  Anyone want to join me?
     Oh, by the way, I’m Jewish. 

Suellen Hozman describes herself as a human being,
mother, daughter, grandmother, friend and student of
life.  She is an artist, photographer, and writer.
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