Ask the Business Librarian 6-6

By Liz Kudwa

The National Association of Independent Real Estate Brokers has declared April to be “National Prepare Your Home to be Sold” month.  If you need to sell your home in this tight real estate market, visit the library for some tips on how to get your home in tip top shape so it will sell quicker!

Buyers Are Liars & Sellers Are Too!: The Truth About Buying Or Selling Your Home by Richard Courtney
Courtney, a realtor with 26 years of experience and a weekly columnist for the Nashville City Paper, offers an easy-to-read reality check for anyone contemplating a real estate transaction.  His chatty portrayal of both sides, along with the biases of their respective agents, provides a 360-degree view on topics ranging from open houses to credit scoring. (Publisher’s Weekly)

A Survival Guide For Selling A Home by Sid Davis
Featuring handy checklists, worksheets, and examples, the book takes readers step by step through the process of selling their homes, giving them valuable information on essential topics including how to prepare the home to be shown, negotiate offers, avoid costly mistakes, attract serious buyers through marketing, take the stress out of closing, and get top dollar in any market  In addition, the book discusses options such as renting and keeping the home as an investment, tips on moving and storage, and even a list of the seven biggest and costliest homeselling mistakes. (AMACOM)

101 Cost-Effective Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home by Steve Berges
Berges provides homeowners with a clear and practical guide to the impact that making certain improvements-both minor and major-has on the value of a home. Coverage includes the process of getting started, including the benefits of doing it yourself versus hiring a subcontractor, building inspectors, and the building permit process; exterior improvements to a home and its landscaping; interior alterations; and specific structural and mechanical improvements. This text will appeal to both homeowners planning to sell and those who simply want to make sound decisions about their home improvements. (Book News, Inc.)

Tips And Traps When Selling A Home by Robert Irwin
This latest edition of Bob Irwin’s classic brings new and experienced home owners up-to-speed on all the recent changes, regulations, and trends in real estate. It provides important information on market conditions, new tax advantages, toxic materials in the home, alternatives to the traditional broker, as well as proven strategies for handling multiple offers, negotiating from a position of power, dealing with the new "fee-for-service" and discount brokers, and holding a home for investment, instead of selling. (McGraw Hill)

The library also has some brand new books on the topic of preparing your home to be sold.  These three titles are so new we have not yet received our copy.  However, you can still find these items in our catalog and place holds on them.

Bubbles, Booms, And Busts: Make Money In Any Real Estate Market by Blanche Evans
Discover hidden financial and lifestyle opportunities in any real estate market. (McGraw Hill)

The National Association Of Realtors’ Guide To Home Selling by National Association of Realtors
This book will be a comprehensive guide for Home Sellers–giving them practical and insightful information on what you need to do to get top dollar for your home. (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)

Home Makeovers That Sell: Quick And Easy Ways To Get The Highest Possible Price by Sid Davis
Filled with checklists, charts and ideas to help owners prioritize and budget their pre-sale preparations, Home Makeovers That Sell is the key to selling a home as quickly and profitably as possible. (AMACOM)

Elizabeth Kudwa  is the Head Librarian at the Leslie Library,
201 Pennsylvania Street, Leslie, MI.  Contact her at 517-589-9400 or by e-mail at