Book Reveiw 4-13

By Denise Turney
    This is one of the best novels I have read in quite a while.  While reading the book it was difficult to accept the fact that this was the author’s debut novel.  Readers may find the story to be a most welcomed change of pace.  With a gifted and transparent hand, Darcel Williams shares insight on how readers can expose themselves to new situations and events that find them soaring to heights they may have beforehand thought impossible to reach.  In an age when many books spotlight dysfunctional relationships, Soaring on Clipped Wings sets itself apart as a rare gem.
    The couple in the book, Zaddik Freddman and Tahiri Meroe, are successes in the business world.  Zaddik earns his material wealth by owning an IT firm.  He uses his talent and contacts to help build and maintain a community organization that focuses on assisting youth in Houston, Texas’ Garden Heights.  Tahiri’s passion rests in the Arts.  She is a talented speaker, producer and scriptwriter.  She combines her talents and volunteers as a videographer at the same community organization Zaddik works with.  Tahiri also has a routine that sets her apart from her colleagues and neighbors.  Each morning she goes to the park close to where she lives and meditates and performs relaxation exercises.  It is there, while exercising, that she catches Zaddik’s eye.
   Soaring On Clipped Wings is much more than a romance novel.  It is a book that delves deep into the heart, minds, strengths and weaknesses of its two main characters.  This allows for the characters to be multi-dimensional and real.  Readers may think about themselves or friends while reading Soaring On Clipped Wings and see traits or patterns they, their own colleagues and friends share in the characters in the book.
     Equally intriguing as are the characters is the story’s plot.  The plot moves beyond romance and digs into the heart of life itself.  Williams states that she wrote Soaring On Clipped Wings to show readers the importance of fulfilling their destiny.  Williams gets this message across with a sharp talent (and wit sprinkled throughout the book).  So well crafted are the characters and so interesting is the plot that readers may find themselves lost in the story.  The wonder of this book is that at the last page readers will find their own personal lives changed.  The book is that impactful.
    It is obvious while reading Soaring On Clipped Wings that the author is a student of the Arts.  Darcel Williams studied creative writing with published author Bapsi Sidwa.  Additionally, she took scriptwriting courses from Dr. William Hawes.  While creating Soaring On Clipped Wings Williams studied novel writing with published romance-author Alysse Rassmussen.
    Williams takes her craft seriously.  That is clearly evident in Soaring On Clipped Wings.