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Newly released, Growing Up X written by Malcolm X’s daughter, Ilyasah Shabazz, is an insightful memoir about life as the child of one of the world’s most effective, controversial and memorable leaders.

 Ilyasah was a mere two years old when her father was assassinated.  Malcolm kept his family away from the glare of the media while he was alive.  His widow, Dr. Betty Shabazz, continued to work to protect their children from the prying eyes of
the media after her husband, Malcolm X, was assassinated.  The girls attended private schools and grew up in a comfortable home environment.

 Ilyasah surprises the reader with the revelation that she and her siblings didn’t learn more fully about the mark their father left on history, particularly the African American culture, until after she was older. Growing Up X is a memoir written from the daughter of a cultural leader.  It reflects on common family issues such as sibling rivalry, education at private schools and dating.

Growing Up X is a book about family, history and culture.  It is a book any reader can readily connect with and enjoy.

Publisher: One World/Ballantine
Pages:  224, Available:  At stores both on and offline everywhere

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