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The South now has another classic book in its arsenal of powerful stories. Just like Atlanta has ‘Gone With the Wind’ and Savannah has ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil’, Albany has “Granddaddy’s Dirt” by Brian Egeston a young African-American author on the rise. Egeston, a Stone Mountain resident, has just released what some re-viewers are calling an instant classic. The book is a dramatic tale about generational burdens.  Set in Albany, the tale reveals the story of a grandfather eluding deceit and a grandson searching for the truth.  Actual events of the 1994 South Georgia
flood are can be read in the book. Written with passion and a wonderful flavor for detail, this story will live on forever.

Brian Egeston’s Granddaddy’s Dirt is a riveting story of past crimes perpetuated on to the next generation, as a grandfather’s unthinking manslaughter brings cruel consequences upon his grandson years later. The adult grandson must come to terms with the awful truth about his family while threatened with the worst flood Albany, Georgia has experienced in five hundred years. Granddaddy’s Dirt is a serious tale with a touch of wry humor about the crushing impact of negative karma, gripping and strongly recommended fare for contemplative readers.

Cloaked in the red clay of southern oppression, this sophomore effort by the multi-talented Brian Egeston captures the heated emotions of the deep south, its racial conflicts, and the ongoing repercussions of prejudice and dehumanization. Egeston’s gift of prose shines through in this work, as he is masterful at describing, both physical and emotional, the heat and the hatred between those who fail to respect and understand the other man’s humanity, and the resulting intergenerational debts that must unfortunately be repaid.
A refreshing read from a rising author to watch.   

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Printed in Volme 1 Issue 8