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Review written by Ann

Lies, abuse, infidelity, sex, intrigue, international romance – a cornucopia of events play out in the relationships of Luvalwayz, a novel that intertwines the tales of three couples, brought together by friendship and love:
Christopher and Tamara are in a relationship already strained by emotional baggage…will sexual indiscretions ruin them?

After years of hiding the pain of abuse through being loose, ghetto sistah extraordinaire Shameika – with the aid of the militant yet soulful brotha, Jamal – try to break through her past to finally reach ‘happily ever after’.

When straight-laced, professional Deandra finds out that her sister has been kidnapped, she seeks the aid of playa of the year, Stephen to help in the rescue, but it is Deandra who might need rescuing…from Stephen.

After reading the back cover of Luvalwayz, I expected to read three separate short stories about 3 different couples, what I got was a connected treat. This is one story written in 3 parts, about 3 young women best friends for life, and 3 guys super tight from college days. Each group refers to
themselves as the three musketeers.

Part 1, Christopher and Tamara “Tee” met in the park, once he mustered up enough nerve to introduce himself. Tamara has a good example of a healthy  relationship, from her parents, but she doesn’t share their luck. Both Chris  and Tee bring baggage to the relationship and struggle to trust each other,
especially when Tee catches him in a compromising situation almost with his pants down, literally. Neither wants to be the first to say the ‘L’ word.

Part 2, Jamal, militant and upfront about himself, catches the eye of girl  from the hood, Shameika, who is the ultimate playa. Her motto is hit and run, her problem is Jamal is getting into her head and she is so afraid of being exposed to love, she runs over herself trying to get away from him. But, maybe he’s what she needs to conquer her past.

Part 3, Stephen and Deandra, have to meet because they are best friends with the other two couples. Stephen is interested, but Stephen is always interested, he is an equal opportunity lover, does not discriminate. Deandra  is career dedicated from the word go and does not have time for his playa, playa mentality. But a family emergency sends Deandra seeking Stephen’s professional help and now she finds her heart needing some protection.

This is a wonderfully written story with real issues and soulful feelings.  Each part is carried over into the next, and you share the lives of the 2 sets of best friends that is so connected, you barely realize when you are deep in the life of another couple. I love the writing style of Shonell Bacon and JDaniels, it is crisp and entertaining, this book is an excellent introduction to the debut authors. And as they tossed their hat into the literary arena, they will undoubtedly be a force that the literary world will have to reckon with.

LUVALWAYZ can be purchased at, Barnes& and at any Strebor Books, Strebor Books International, Post Office Box 10127, Silver Spring, Maryland 20914
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