Book Review 4-16

By Denise Turney
   Veronica Hamlin, a recently widowed woman who splits her homes between Atlanta and North Carolina, is waiting at the side of the road for automotive service to arrive so her car can be repaired allowing her to resume her drive home.  A handsome man with troubles of his own arrives by way of a Harley Davidson before the auto service.  It is the start of a chance encounter between an older woman and a younger man.
   A Younger Man shows the depth of a single meeting that happens seemingly by chance.  Each couple that goes on to share a life together starts their relationship with a single encounter.  In today’s times those encounters may happen via the Internet and dating sites, at a shopping mart, sporting event or even while waiting for help to arrive so a car can be repaired.  This is one of the key truths I came away with after having read A Younger Man all relationships start somewhere.  As this one story unfolds the author does an effective job of illustrating why and how this brief meeting leads to future conversations between Veronica Hamlin and the younger man she met on the motorcycle.  He does help her get her car started.  He is a wise, intelligent, and physically attractive man with regrets and dreams of his own – the makings of a page-turning romance novel. 
   Despite the title, I didn’t find age to be the central point of the story.  Instead, I found two people who had to choose between what they really wanted and what they knew would gain the approval of those closest to them to be at the heart of the story.  It is that aspect that opens the book up and makes it readily acceptable by readers from various walks of life.  The writing is fluid and rapt.  There is little expository writing in A Younger Man, a fact that allows readers to experience the story firsthand.
   With A Younger Man readers are in the hands of a seasoned author.  Rochelle Alers won the Vivian Stephens Career Achievement Award for Excellent in Romance Novel Writing.  Her writings have also won her the Waldenbooks and Borders Multicultural Bestselling Romance awards.  Fans of romance novels will likely find themselves enjoying A Younger Man.  I found it a quick read as I was able to finish it in a matter of a few hours.  Whether readers seek a book to enjoy at the park, on vacation at a beach or while curled in a warm bed, A Younger Man will not disappoint.