Book Review 4-18

By Denise Turney
The bestselling author of Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff is back with another easy-to-apply gem.  As the book states,  ‘‘All of us are looking for ways to take control of our lives, whether in our relationships, our families, our work, our health, or our plans for the future.  Daily challenges have a way of overwhelming us, making life harder than it needs to be.  The good news is that the answers are out there.”  In Easier Than You Think Richard Carlson provides several of those answers.
     The book is as quick to read, digest and understand as are the nuggets of advice and wisdom the author shares with readers.  Readers who struggle to start and finish a book due to the many to-dos that eat up chunks of time in their daily lives, will find Easier Than You Think a treat.  A practical, non-fiction book, readers get to set their own pace while grabbing the advice that make up Easier Than You Think.  As noted in the book, “most people want to change for the better.  In spite of this desire to make positive changes, however, most of us are either unable or unwilling to make huge, significant changes in our already hectic lives.”
   It’s true.  We are all so very busy.  That’s why Easier Than You Think is a book about small steps readers can take to bring sizeable and lasting change to their lives, communities and the world at large.  A few of the tips in the book that will help readers bring lasting and positive changes to their lives include:  paying attention to the thoughts that fill your head.  It’s been said that a person becomes what they think about all day long.  Hence, change your thoughts and change your life.  Another tip suggests the reader gather opinions from people who have different points of view and have had different experiences.  After all, often when we ask for advice or request feedback, we tend to be drawn toward people who already agree with our point of view.  This only serves to reinforce what we are already thinking.  It doesn’t allow for new thoughts, ideas and ways to improve upon a process.  Being open allows new forms of goodness to enter our lives.  Another tip in the book encourages readers to be kind to themselves.  An excellent way to accomplish this is to treat and talk to yourself the way you would talk to and treat a very good friend.
      Readers seeking quick ways to improve their lives as they continue to take steps to fulfill their destiny, may very well find the portions of the advice they need within the pages of Easier Than You Think.