Book Review 4-25


The colorful yet dark tale follows recovering alcoholic, Abel Crofton, on his journey to find his birth mother.  This New York native has spent his life working in the damp tunnels of the city, as well as, trying to find his way through the tunnels of life.   The sparse and sketchy information regarding his mother leads him to Dutch country; specifically the town of Haarlem (which the famed African-American neighborhood takes its name).
As he ventures into unknown territory, he meets an ally that will aide him in his search for his mom, and challenges him to confront some of his own demons.   The tattered relationship with his father, his rough childhood, and his thirst play major roles in his search for answers and deliverance.
Heather Neff’s insight into the male psyche is utterly amazing, and grips you from beginning to end.  You will find yourself not only rooting for Abel in the search for his mother, but in his search for self which is imperative to his salvation.