Book Review 4-26


     Have you ever picked up a gem of a book by accident? That’s what happened when I came across Hang In ‘Til The Miracle Happens. The book was initially published in 1992 as part of a book series then titled Meditative Moments. That first book was a tremendous success and sold more than 40,000 copies. Just as the author prepared to expand the series she was delivered heartbreaking news no parent wants to receive. Her beloved son was no longer with her. Through one of life’s hardest storms, the author found her way toward light. As noted in the book, “Sometimes fear can keep us so frozen that we feel powerless over our own lives.” Ruth Fishel and the book’s illustrator, Bonny Van de Kamp, use Hang In ‘Til The Miracle Happens to clearly show readers that “we can let go of fear and be present in the moment, miracles can happen.”
     Whether you or someone you know is struggling to meet one or a series of life’s challenges, Hang In ‘Til The Miracle Happens will speak to you. Ruth Fishel writes with a style that youth and adults alike can readily understand and appreciate. This non-fiction book doesn’t focus on a particular life-event. Instead it remains open in order to connect with regular and infrequent book readers from all walks of life. Were it still the holiday season, I would highly recommend this book as a stocking stuffer. Its message is enduring causing it to be a book that never grows old. Illustrations used throughout the book open readers to childhood memories, a place many revisit when recalling the root to unexpected hurts and belief in supernatural triumph. 
     The book’s author, Ruth Fishel, is a therapist, retreat and workshop leader, meditation teacher and author of several other books. Readers who enjoy books such as Patti’s Pearls, a bestseller by grammy-award winning singer, Patti LaBelle, will treasure Hang In ‘Til The Miracle Happens. This is a book I enjoyed so thoroughly and benefited so greatly from having read, I’d like to share this closing line from the book with you, “If we just stop we can climb up from that dark hole and be here, be present, be awake for the next miracle which is knowing that we are the next miracle.”