BW Column

By Doug Stites

    Personal financial advisors and all sorts of managers top the list of “Michigan’s Hot 50 Jobs for Today and Tomorrow,” recently released by the Michigan Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives.
    And all of the top jobs require a bachelor’s degree or higher to qualify.  At the top of the list, with an average hourly wage of $57.56 is personal financial advisors, followed by sales managers, marketing managers, general and operations managers, financial managers, computer and information system managers, construction managers and medical and health services managers, with pay ranging from $36.19 an hour up to $48.32 an hour.  That’s a range of just over $75,000 annually up to just over $100,000 annually.
    Information technology occupations dominate the list, from network and computer system administrators to data communications analysts.  Healthcare is also prominent, with traditional positions such as registered nurses and dental hygienists, as well as physicians assistants – a position that requires a master’s degree, but earns just over $75,000 a year on average.
A number of construction occupations also appear, such as electricians, with an average hourly wage of $25.72, and plumbers, pipe fitters and steamfitters, at $24.08 an hour.  Many of the construction trades do not require a traditional bachelor’s degree, however, most require an apprenticeship, often referred to as “the other four-year degree.”
Business occupations also appear on the list, primarily in sales, marketing and public relations. 
Career possibilities are endless for students looking into post-secondary education and adults looking to change careers, but fact is, no matter who you are, education is becoming more and more critical for career survival.
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