Candidate Chris Lewless Vies for 68th District Seat

      LANSING, MI —  Next year, Representative Michael Murphy’s House of Representative seat will be up for grabs because of term limits.     

     According to those supporting Chris Lewless, he is a refreshing new voice in Lansing politics and that is what is needed.
  Chris Lewless  announced his candidacy for State Representative for the 68th District on December 15, 2006 at  Black Child and Family Institute located at 835 W. Genesee.
  Lansing City Councilwoman Joan Bauer and Jerry Hollister, associate director of the state Community Economic Development Association, are also running for Representative Murphy’s seat.
      Lewless says that he is  a husband and father committed to raising his family in Lansing.   
        He is also concerned about the future of education and industry in Mid-Michigan: “State government must actively partner with our Universities and businesses in order to develop new technologies and products to drive Michigan’s economy and create a better future for all of us.”
    Michigan led the world into the automotive age and dominated the industry for close to a century. With the domestic auto industry struggling, Michigan needs to proactively support manufacturers by pursuing solutions in such areas as health care and energy. Now is the time to elect leaders with knowledge and experience in manufacturing, high-tech industries and global markets. 
     As a human resource manager for an international manufacturing company, Lewless believes that he understands what Michigan needs to support automobile manufacturing and attract high-tech industry and jobs to the Lansing area. He also understands the need to train current and future employees to compete in this rapidly evolving economy of web-based technology and information services. 
  Lewless also believes Michigan can compete and win in the global marketplace by investing in people first. With Lansing at the epicenter of three colleges/universities and two law schools, he states that  we are uniquely poised to restructure our labor market to attract high-tech, knowledge-based employers.
    Lewless states that rescinding income tax cuts would fund preschool and higher education. He said that tax cuts don’t work and individuals continue to loose their jobs. 
     Lewless has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Saginaw Valley State University, a Master’s degree in Labor & Industrial Relations from Michigan State University, and a Juris Doctor from Michigan State University College of Law. He and wife Kathy live in downtown Lansing with their 1 year-old son, Charles. For more information about Chris and his vision for Michigan, visit