By Delores Dove
The New Citizens Press

YPSILANTI, MI — Raymond G. Mullins, Esq. has been aggressively fighting for his clients for the last 31 years.  Attorney Mullins has decided to expand his  fight by running for presidency of the Michigan State Conference for the Advancement of Colored People (Michigan NAACP).
         Attorney Mullins has been practicing law in Ypsilanti, Michigan, continually since August 2, 1974. His firm has been involved in the general practice of the law. Major areas of practice have involved criminal law, divorce and family law, civil rights and personal injury, probate and business law.
        He said that the decision to run comes after much thought and  encouragement from others. The election is now scheduled to be held during the Michigan State Convention on September 25, 2005.
       Attorney Mullins said, “I am running because I feel that I can do a  much better job at leading the State Conference than the present administration.   As President of the Ypsilanti-Willow Run(MI) Branch of the NAACP from 1987 to 1998, I lead that unit to become one of the best in
the nation. I know that I can have similar success in leading the State  Conference.”
      The theme of his campaign is “The Beginning of Positive Change.” As such it is his intent to have the State Conference become more effective in carrying out the objectives of NAACP as stated in the current Constitution and Bylaws for units of the NAACP. 
      His goals are  to improve the political, educational, social, and economic status of African-Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities  while eliminating racial prejudice.
      He believes that more needs to be done to keep the public aware of the adverse effects of discrimination and to take lawful action to secure the elimination of racial discrimination.
       Planning to seek legislation that affects those adversely at other levels if requested by the National Office is a priority of Attorney Mullins.  He said that he is aware that there are many people, especially young people that are not interested in joining the NAACP.
      He stated that it is his intent to have the Michigan  State Conference increase and stimulate the membership numbers of  the Branches, Prison Branches, Young Adult Councils, Youth Councils, High School Chapters, College Chapters, Authorized Committees and any and all Units of the Association in its jurisdiction to greater activity in the fight for freedom.
      He also  stated that it is going to be important that the State Conference assist in reviving dormant units and establishing new  ones so that the effectiveness of the NAACP can be increased in its fight to eliminate discrimination and injustice against minorities in the state.   He feels that there needs to be an increased presence of the NAACP in our state capitol.