Do you have an opinion? 4-12

Ms. Risper,
   Thank you for that recent donation to my English class students at Lansing Eastern High School. The Krispy Kreme donuts you purchased were received very well by the student. They had "polished them off" by the end of the day. They wanted to pass along their appreciation for your generosity. Know that they were truly surprised and some were quite touched that a parent would do this for so many students.
  Personally, let me say that I was happy to be the gift-bearer. You gave us a simple pleasure that fostered a happy end to our school year just before we entered the final exam week. It is encouraging to see businesses like yours taking an interest in todays students. Thank you again.
Anthony Greenburg
Head of the English Department

Dear Mr. Greenburg,

     It is our pleasure to give the students in your classes a treat.  It is the responsibility of others who can treat students to do so.  As parents, we must volunteer our time or resources.
    I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciated keeping in touch with me about my son’s progress.  Teachers need to be appreciated as well.
    Thank you.


Rina Risper
a.k.a. Gianni’s Mom