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     I want to set the record straight on facts surrounding former Lansing City Council member Larry Meyer’s resignation on November 3, 2005.  I feel the citizens of Lansing should be informed to the truth and that the main-stream media in the city has glossed over the true facts.
   The facts are yes, Meyer had planned to retire from his council seat in January as he stated, and that he pays both property and income taxes in lansing and still owns a residence in the city ( which is up for sale), he understood that to mean that he could continue to serve on the city council.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse.
     Had John Pollard and I not brought this city charter violation to the attention of the mayor and city council on November 2, Meyer would still be serving on the council just as he had stated.
    If everyone tool the same understanding as Meyer, we would have people running for public office in any and every area they so choose.  This is why residency requirements are a  part of all constitutions and city charters.
  On October 28, council members informed John Pollard that Meyer now lives in Bath.  Pollard and I did some investigation into this information and discovered Meyer’s home in Lansing is up for sale and empty.
    Meyer signed the seller’s disclosure statement for his property at 2923 Kirkwood Road, Lansing, MI on May 31 and his deed to his property at 16938 Broadview Drive, Bath, was registered with the Clinton County Register of Deeds on June 30.
     I believe this information from the council members makes them co-conspirators as guilty  of this charter violation.  Council had a duty to bring this information to their colleagues on the city council.
   Meyer stated he was open with all his colleagues on the council about the move.  This suggests all of the city council members are co-conspirators, guilty of this charter violation.
     A complete mistrust of the public trust has been committed here.
Darnell E. Oldham, Sr.
Lansing, MI