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Dear Rina,
  I read the article entitled “TNCP Interview with 50 Cent about his new movies and his personal life” in the November 27, 2005 – December 10, 2005 edition.  I liked the question and answer format.
    I am a firm believer that music touches the soul.  I also think that you should diversify the types of musical artists that you feature.
    I am especially interested in an article or interview with Carrie Underwood who was an American Idol winner. Her song “Jesus, Take The Wheel” from the album “Some Hearts” made me think about the time when you almost lost your life in a car accident and you wrote about it almost 2 years ago in your “Excuse me, are you listening?” column.
     I enjoy listening to soca, meringue, salsa, soft rock, classical, rhythm and blues and country music.  I have a wide range of interests and I think that your readers may enjoy some diversity.
K. Carrington
Powder Springs, GA
Dear Ms.  Carrington,
    Thank you for  your letter.  I will forward your request on to our music reviewer, Joe Walker.  
      In this edition, we have an article with Sean Paul who is a Jamaican artist.  
      We will definitely look into it for you and the other readers who think the same way.
       Yes, I do remember that car accident.  Actually, I thought about it on the first day that we got snow here in Michigan and I was a little anxiety ridden.  Prayer does go a long way.
     I did not go out of the house for several days after that happened.
     I have also included and article on Page 1 about accidents.  We should all be more prepared because when they happen it is disturbing.
     I do not usually listen to country music but I am open to anything.  I went online and looked at the lyrics and I could relate to them.  
Thank you.
Rina Risper