Do You Have An Opinion? 4-24

Our book reviewer, Denise would love to hear from you!  Read a good book?  Enjoyed one of the books reviewed in this column?  Have a book or writing question?  Contact TNCP’s book review columnist @

Hi Rina,
  The New Citizens Press continues to grow and expand – kudos to you and your team for the valuable information and growth of the newspaper!
  As always, I’d be happy to read and review books by local authors if the author’s sends me a review copy to:  Denise Turney, 2500 Knights Road, Suite 19-01, Bensalem, PA  19020.  I have one book from a NCP reader to review and have been in touch with the author that I will do so early in 2006.
Happy, Blessed Holidays!
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Denise Turney

Dear Denise,

  Thank you so much.  We are going to be hear for a while regardless of our struggles.  We will be starting our 5th year in February and we plan on having a party in July some time.  It should be great.  I know Pennsylvania is a long way but come visit us some time.  I am sure that the Michigan authors you have supported will support you.


   My husband picked up a copy of the New Citizens Press at the store yesterday.  I think you’re doing a fantastic job.  My name is Kelly Van Loan, I have a five year old daughter, and I work from home as a freelance writer.  If you should ever need any stories written or research that needs to be done, feel free to call or email me.

Kelly Van Loan
Holt, MI

Dear Kelly,

Thank you for your support.  We move quite a few papers in our Holt location at Krogers.  Thanks for your interest we will keep you in mind.