Do you have an opinion? 4-8

Letters from those who have attended poetry events hosted by The Nu Poets:

 Dear Rina,

    Thank you for inviting me to the Sing, Speak or Spit at 621 in Lansing on April 10.
   I really enjoyed your work, the piece about the women at the women’s shelter sort of sounded like an essay. I say that because of the many facts that you presented to further prove your point of view (must be a journalism thing). The free style that the guy who hosted shared was hot and the young lady who is part of the nu poets really moved me. There were others but those come to mind right now. Lansing has some genuine talent.


M. Hollins
Detroit, MI       

Messages regarding the One Mic One Life poetry reading fundraiser:

– Thank you so much for everything you have done for us.  I enjoyed working with you, the Nu Poets and The New Citizens Press!  The event was beautiful,
was spectacular and was a great grassroots effort.  It means a lot to us and will have a real impact.
   Thanks again.  It was a truly worthwhile effort

Noah Smith
Area Executive Director-Capitol Area Service Center
American Cancer Society, Great Lakes Division, Inc.

Hi Rina,

How are you? It was wonderful seeing you the other night, I finally made it out!! The event was wonderful and you had a great turn out. Also you were
working your pink dress. Look forward to catching up soon!
Sinead N. Younge M.A.

Hi Rina!
   Tiana and I had such a nice time last night and wished we could have stayed longer!  Did you end up making your goal in terms of fundraising?
  Tiana said that she wants to recite a poem at the next event.  Please let me know when that is so I can get it on the calendar!
  Hope all is well!
Christine S. Carter

Note:  We were excited on April 24, 2005, it was a beautiful event and it never could have been done without the help that we received from all of our volunteers that donated their time.  See you next year.  We will begin the planning stages soon so if you are interested let us know.