Do You Have An Opinion? 6-10


Dear Rina Risper,

On behalf of the Old Town Commercial Association and Robert Busby’s Old Town family, I would like to thank you for your contribution of $160 to the Old Town Commercial Association’s Robert Busby Memorial Fund.

Robert’s tragic death came as a shock to the entire community. Robert was one of Old Town’s pioneers, seeing then potential where others saw none. Robert was a friend to all that came to Old Town and all that were involved in the arts. Regardless as to how many times one met Robert he always had a smile and kind and encouraging words. Robert was an inspiration to each of us. Robert’s actions caused others to see and understand his vision and take part in the area’s revitalization.

We will continue to grow Old Town into what we believe was Robert’s vision for our wonderful neighborhood. We will continue to encourage building rehabilitation to welcome new business and residents. We will continue to create new and expand existing festivals to bring in thousands of people to our rich and diverse neighborhood. We will continue to encourage the arts through gallery walks, public art, new creative spaces and markets.

The Robert Busby Memorial Fund will likely be used for public art projects in and around the Old Town community. We will keep you updated as to the use of funds and the growth of our great community.

Again, thank you for your very generous donation in memory of such a wonderful man.

Jamie Schriner- Hooper
Executive Director of the Old Town Commercial Association

Note:  During the month of April, which was National Poetry Month we had a poetry contest at Gregory’s Ice and Smoke.  We were able to have a cash prize poetry jam and an open mic too.


Readers will express their opinion about the Potter Park Zoo millage and the frequent “As I See It” columnist, Suellen Hozman’s article about the Michigan Department of Corrections firing of some of the officers.