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The Alpine Navigation System was the GPS guidance system in the van I was driving. The computer keeps record of travel. Investigators believed that I left Potter Park, drove around to a wooded area, took the shot, then drove to Delta Mills Park to pick up my other daughter.  They made a public statement saying that the GPS would show my direction of travel to confirm this.  Of course, it shows that I drove directly to Delta Mills Park without stopping at all. This is exculpatory evidence that proves a person innocent but police do not release it to support a false accusation.
Anderson was the the dog handler hired by LPD to find the bullet at Potter Park. Her dog was trained to sniff out and "Hit" on human flesh. LPD looked for the bullet at Potter Park for weeks but couldn’t find it.  Anderson found a bullet fragment within 15 minutes. The dog actually "Hit" on it. The flesh on the bullet did not match Bernita’s. There are a few conclusions anyone can draw from this. 1) the lab that tested the flesh on the bullet was simply wrong in their analysis.  2) someone else was shot at Potter Park and the DNA from the bullet was different than Bernita’s. 3) Anderson planted the bullet. #3 is the most likely conclusion because Anderson is currently in prison for planting evidence.  There are 250 cases of her’s that are under review because several people are in prison because of her findings.  Several people have been wrongfully convicted because she has planted carpet fibers, hair, her own blood in some instances, and are currently in prison awaiting a retrial.  Anderson was not charged for the Potter Park incident.  LPD investigators used her and said she came highly recommended.
    There was a birthday party at Delta Mills Park where we dropped off one daughter and I drove back to pick her up.  During the time Bernita was shot, I was talking to a family of people at the party.  After the shooting, they went to LPD to volunteer to be interviewed.  LPD refused because they didn’t believe it was important.  They were interviewed latter but their information was conveniently discounted. According to the time frame, it was impossible for me to be at two places at one time, thus, LPD created the story that I hired someone. Bad investigative work by trying to mold a person to fit the crime.
    From the moment I left Potter Park until I arrived at Delta Mills Park, I was on the phone with my friend. Cell phone records show my direction of travel by showing which cell phone towers I connected with. It also shows that at least there was an open connection between me and my friend during the whole time.  There was no way possible for me to talk on the phone, take the shot and drive over to Delta Mills. More Exculpatory evidence that LPD will not release.
     These reasons are the motivating factors as to why I’m producing the documentary LIVING ACCUSED. There are so many other people who have been falsely accused and wrongfully convicted because misguided police officers and prosecutors develop "Tunnel Vision" and will not accept the fact that they have made a mistake. It is my intention to educate police and prosecutors that when they make a mistake in an investigation, it is detrimental that they admit that mistake and focus on what the evidence proves not educated hunches that lead to someone being wrongfully convicted.


Artis White

Original article printed in the July 8, 2007 – July 21, 2007 edition. The story was entitled “MI State Trooper Accused of Murdering His Wife Shoots Film”.