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Letter to the Editor:

Protect Our Young Men From Corrupt Police and Prosecutors in Jackson County

    Too many young African American men have had their lives cut short by corrupt Jackson County Police and Prosecutors. One of the latest victims was Willie Eddie Anderson II. He has been unjustly incarcerated since September 18, 2006. He is charged not only with a murder he did not commit, but also with a totally unrelated robbery that happened last summer at Tate’s Party store. When will the charges end? The Jackson County Prosecutors office is determined to find him guilty of something. This is a deliberate miscarriage of justice. It is time for Jackson residents to speak out against the false imprisonment and against excessive sentences thrown at innocent victims. Willie had two jobs at the time of his arrest. He was attending high school and had plans about college. By the stroke of a pen, he is locked up and the City of Jackson Prosecutors office will continue to heap on charges because they want a conviction at any cost. Like many young, African American men Willie is being used as a pawn in a game where he has no power. If the prosecutor’s office has their way, Willie will never see the light of day. If you would like to help or if you know anyone who was imprisoned unjustly, or received an unnecessarily long prison term, please contact:  The Committee to free Willie Anderson II at 517-782-7840 or  Together we can change the system and save our sons.