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Dear Rina,

I want to thank the community, my family and friends for giving me a tribute for my lifetime of humanitarian service. 

  I want to thank all of the leaders from the city, county and state who came out to suuport me.  I have never seen so many people.  There were ministers, commissioners and my family from out of town.

  I especially want to thank the community for their total support.


Ernestine McMullen
President of Cultural Unlimited
Lansing, MI

Note from the Publisher:

Ernestine McMullen was recently honored at a humanitarian ceremony on February 16, 2007 for her years of service to the community, including being one of the founders of the Black Child and Family Institute. 
     Hundreds of people came out to support her including family members and friends from as far away as Texas..  Ms. McMullen was the first in many arenas.  She didn’t wait for people to give her opportunities, she made them. 
   She was the first to have undying dedication to create the first drug program in Lansing to address the  growing drug problems .  She also organized the first African American Festival on the Riverfront.
    Ernestine is a phenomenal woman who has endured plenty but has perserved to become one of Lansing’s most beloved individuals.