East Lansing Art Fair 2002

E. LANSING — Miserable weather and cold temperatures could not prohibit shoppers and/or those looking to enjoy the music at the 39th annual festival. 

There were over 234 artists including jewelry, sculpture, quilting, photography, leathersmithing and much more.  A variety of entertainers hit the stages to please the crowds as well.

Mathias Muleme, was one of the artists bearing the cold temperatures.  He believes that art is a language made up of visual signs, which are used to convey ideas, moods or generalized emotional experiences.

Mr. Muleme won a Purchase Award from the Student Book Store.  Mr. Muleme uses the Intaglio process to create his beautiful works of art. 

He was born in Uganda and moved to Canada in 1967.
He graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree from Wayne State University in Michigan in 1976.  He has received numerous awards scholarships and honors, and has exhibited wide throughout the world.

Printed in Volume 1 Issue 9