Exclusive Interview with TNCP: The Champ Cena Is Still Here

By Joe Walker
The New Citizens Press
On Sunday April 1, World Wrestling Entertainment presents WrestleMania 23; live from Ford Field in Detroit, Mi. At the event WWE Champion John Cena will defend his championship against Shawn Michaels. A three-time champion and former body builder, Cena is experienced, in shape, and ready for what many wrestling analysts say will be his biggest challenge to date. The Champ is still here, but first he has to stand up to our interview questions.
TNCP – We all know wrestling matches are predetermined, but what makes it real?
Cena – We are full contact with no pads. In football, if you’re taught to form tackle, and you see a running back coming through the hole at full speed and you hit him with a perfect form tackle, it’s still going to hurt – and you’re wearing a full-padded suit. And you can be as trained as you want to be, but everything still hurts. This is a professional level; we are the elite of the elite. So even though you may be trained in your craft there is still intense physical punishment.
TNCP – Other the physical aspects, what is another real aspect of you profession?
Cena -Professional wrestling isn’t like other pro sports where you might get a four-day home stand. I travel over 300 days a year
TNCP – Does WWE make you workout all the time?
Cena – I’ve been lifting weights since I was 13. I was involved in competitive bodybuilding for about six years in the American Conference of Natural Body Building. Weight training and cardiovascular activity a part of my lifestyle, it’s not just something I have to do.
TNCP – How was filming The Marine different from what you do everyday?
Cena – You’re not going to see John Cena as you would on WWE, which is the best thing. People gotta realize when they’re watching this movie, I am that character and you’re going to believe I’m that character. I’m not spinning the belt. I’m a marine who is trying to get his life back together. You can let your guard down for the sake of entertainment. It’s a movie. Look at the The Rock in the Get Shorty sequel. He plays a gay bodyguard. That’s great! He’s not really a gay bodyguard, but he plays one great. People know it’s entertainment.
TNCP – What is your goal?
Cena – I want to change the stigma sports entertainment has. ESPN don’t give us no props, mainstream media don’t give us no props. Anytime you see World Wrestling Entertainment in mainstream media it’s negative press. There are people in the stands who show love and know what’s going on. We gotta let everybody outside the arenas know what’s going on and why we’ve been such a success for so long.