Excuse me… 1-12

Dear Readers,

A  lot of work was put into the last issue and I hope that you enjoyed its content.

In the fall, I will more than likely be requesting the assistance of Michigan State University students or Lansing Community College students for help with the newspaper.  Any students are welcome to contact me regarding assisting me. 

I especially need reporters and a copy editor.

 The copy editor job entails:
*    Having a positive attitude                              *Having the ability to make corrections without changing the style of the writer
*    Being open minded, some subjects you may not agree with but you will still need to edit
*    An e-mail address,  most corrections and correspondence will be made by e-mail and also having the ability to edit.

The New Citizens Press would also like to thank Nadia Sellers for covering a WNBA Detroit Shock game. 

We will make an attempt to have more sports and entertainment stories.  Any community volunteers out there to be a reporter?

Both Democratic and Republican parties have very competitive primaries for Governor.  After 12, years of having Governor John Engler in office, this is your opportunity to make a difference and vote.  27 of 38 state senators are leaving because of term limitations.  Check your county to see who is running and what issues they bring to the table.  We will continue with our Spanish and English articles on voting.  A special thanks to Sabina Sextido, Owner of the Cafe Cubano.

It is important that you get out there and vote.

A note to parents who have children who received good grades all semester and received a poor grade in the last semester.
Please do not accept that grade as such without an explanation.  A teacher can change a grade if a mistake was made or if your child makes up the work.  It is your responsibility to make sure that your child is being educated in a manner that is acceptable to you. 

We have received positive feedback from a variety of individuals and I hope that they  continue to be supportive.

Enjoy your family and family reunions. Next year, plan before hand so that everyone will be able to make it.  Do something fun, like order tee shirts for the occasion or visit a ethnic resort and make sure you support those who support you.


R.N. Risper