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Dear Readers,

Lately, the disparity in  health treatment that minorities receive  has been featured in  the news.  These studies are not being done by minority agencies  so it can not be said that they are biased.  The outcome of these studies should be taken into consideration every time you step into a health professionals office.

The report also stated that economic status or amount of health care did not matter, so regardless of your status this  applies to you.   It is your right to question treatment and to express concerns that you have regarding your health. Each state has a Office of Health Services or a Consumer & Industry Services unit that can assist you with information for filing a complaint.  Before you file a complaint, make sure that you have thoroughly discussed your concerns with the doctor.  Keep very accurate records including the times you went to the doctor, what you spoke about and also obtain a copy of the medical records.  Most allegations or complaints must be in writing.  If you think you cannot write the letter by yourself, get someone to help you. Explain your situation and how important this issue is to you.   Writing a letter may save a life or your pocketbook. 

If you want to research a doctor, there is information at www.cis.state.mi.us/ohs/html/ click on “Disciplinary Action Reports” on the OHS home page this contains the current year plus two prior years.  Your local public library in Michigan has a copy of the annual Disciplinary Action Report of the Office of Health Services.   If you do not live in Michigan, check your library as well to see if they have information or public computers. 

Also,Teacher’s Appreciation Week is May 6 – May 10. Please make sure that you and your children acknowledge their teachers for the outstanding job they have done all year.   Even if your child is in Pre-School this is a great way to start them on the path of respecting teachers.  Let them draw a picture or write a letter, just do something.

Remember that in a huge way, teachers are responsible for molding and shaping your children..  When was the last time you contacted your child or children’s teachers personally to see what is happening or what your child is doing in the classroom.  The C he or she received may be as a result of doing the homework but just not handing it in.  Also make sure that you ask how the child is treating the teacher.  Just having visited a middle school class recently, I noticed that it only takes one child to disrupt the entire classroom, which consisted of thirty children.  The disruption took away time from the class project and hampered the teacher’s ability to complete the entire lesson.  Teachers are people too with a responsibility that none of us would want to take on.  Imagine being responsible for 30 children for 45 minutes,  not knowing their parents.   Visit the classroom and make time for your children.  Remember, a child can not go back and change a 5th grade D in 12th grade. 


R.N.  Risper

Printed in Volume 1 Issue 7