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Dear  Readers:

Photographs of our past, help us to understand our future.  When we take pictures most of us just throw them into a box and we do not take the time to label them and / or provide an informational reflection of what was happening during that time.   You should not have to guess the age or ages of your child or children when you look at pictures.  We have so few things to document our past and photographs are the items that keep it all together when things “get new”.  Start documenting feelings and dates on the backs of your pictures, so you don’t regret it later.

I will be teaching the Conrad Parrish Young Photojournalism class at Letts Community Center through Lansing Parks and Recreation.  Registration began on May 6 and the class fee is only $3.00.  We will be using the medium of photography to stimulate students’ interest in Family Culture and  Family Communications.  The class is scheduled to begin on June 18 and end on June 20. 

Your budding photographer will get a disposable camera and a pad on the first evening  and take pictures the next day which will be developed by the third class. The three day class will involve taking pictures  and documenting  what and who is a part of their culture and what is important to them right now in 2002.

Untapped talent……untapped talent……….  it sounds strange to utter the two words together because of the stagnant nature of the word “untapped” and the vivacious nature of the word “talent”.  It is necessary to nurture your town’s untapped talent by supporting local artists in their endeavors.  I was recently at a local concert and a young man, named David Minor said that people who live in a community should uplift its talent by supporting it.   He also said something very profound and something that I am sure that you would not think about unless you were the artist yourself.  He said that we need to start buying CD’s and tickets to events of local talent.  Stop buying bootlegged or copied CD’s because that doesn’t support the artist.  Hmmmmm.

Also for those of you who would like to do something different attend a ball.  Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity is presenting “A Legacy of Excellence”  Scholarship Ball.  Don your black suit and tie and buy the lady in your life a formal dress.  The donation for a ticket is $50.00, which is two nights on the town or two nights of eating out (three nights for some), it is just not that deep.   Please read the ball advertisement on Page 8 for more information regarding the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Building and Scholarship Fund.  Think about it and if not this year or at this function check out what is going on in the Nightlife, Events and Outings section on Page 5.

The New Citizens Press would like to make corrections to the “Union Missionary Baptist Church’s Christian Theatrical Ministry is ‘Victorious’ with their production ‘Purlie’ ” story that was in the May 5, 2002 to May 18, 2002 issue.  The Emcee of the production was Jacqueline Humphrey and not Barbara Artis.  Ruth McCoy not Ruth Coy, introduced Union Missionary Baptist Church’s first Black History Program.  Also, Melba Moore and Cleavon  Little won Tonys for “Purlie” , which is the musical.  “Purlie Victorious” is the play.  We attempt to keep the errors to a minimum and apologize for any inconvenience.  Please turn to page 8 to see more pictures from the musical “Purlie”.

We would like to thank Javon Tucker from The MacMall in Irvine California for providing us with exceptional customer service.  The next time someone gives you exceptional customer service write a short note to the manager or give them a call.  Acts of kindness, take away the bitterness, when others treat you poorly.  For the most part, paper is only one color and the words on it make more of a difference than face to face interaction.

The Kentucky Derby was last week and since we serve Kentucky, I wanted inform you of the great contributions that Blacks made to the sport of racing.  The article is very long but it is very interesting.  I would like to hear your comments.


RN Risper

Printed in Volume 1 Issue 8