Excuse Me 4-1

Dear Readers,

   We are in the process of doing some new things.  I have been so busy doing plenty of interesting things.  I truly enjoy the poetry aspect of my life.  As a result of friends and family prodding me, I have finally put my book down on paper and it is in the process of being edited.  Thank goodness!!!
    I had a poetry performance at a restaurant called 621 in Lansing on January 30,2005.  I was with a group of students from Thomas M. Cooley Law School.  I have no idea why but I am always very nervous when I perform poetry, I have been only performing for a year and I feel like I am getting more and more nervous. 
   I met a nice young lady her named Kelly Brink and I was explaining to her how nervous I was.  She responded by telling me how I should ask God to take my nervousness away.
     I have been truly blessed to have all of TNCP’s readers over the years support poetry but we are looking for more of you to come out.   It is the young families who find themselves so wrapped up in their children’s lives that they do not have time to live themselves.  I am worried about.  I guess that is something that families will have to work on in 2005.
     Talking about families,  I think my own just exploded into a comic book.  I am often baffled by 2 year old Amir  and 3 year old  Anissa, and surprised by 12 year old Gianni.
   Working and having the children while I work has been quite interesting.  Over the past couple of weeks Amir started talking and Anissa started mothering more. 
     There are a wide array of surprises that they have had in store for me.  The babies new nicknames are “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” affectionately given from the book “The Cat In the Hat” by Dr. Suess. 
      It was one of those days, none of the children wanted to do what they were supposed to do.  Anissa talks more and she is real good too.
     “Excuse me Amir, I know you are not talking to me.  I am your big sister!” 
      My eyes rolled up in my head.  Of course, I was on the telephone.  Why did it have to be right now? 
      The hum of the television was all that could be heard.  I did not hear them talking and  silence meant problems.  I then heard papers falling to the floor.
    As I attempted to finish up my conversation quickly, I realized that “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” had dumped quite a bit of papers out of something.  I was hoping that it was the paper they used to draw on. 
    When the phone rang of of course I could not find the cordless phone so I was tethered to the fax phone with its annoying twisting cord.
    I smiled at the person on the phone who was trying to sell me petroleum based printer ink.  I really wanted to hear what he had to say about the waterbased ink and the petroleum based ink. 
    I mean, when was I ever going to have the opportunity to get insider information on ink cartridges.  They are expensive!
     I heard Anissa yell out, “ Get in Amir…. Yucky, you have a booger in your nose, go wipe your nose first.”
      What could they possibly be doing I thought to myself.  I half had the mind to tell the  guy on the phone that I had to go.  But he was at the good part…. he was telling me that big office supply stores were giving out free cartridges but there was a catch.
     In the background I heard,  “Put your feet in, put your feet in.  Come on, you’re taking too long.”
     I had to remind myself the next time I get on the faxphone to make sure the cord was not a twisted mess, this multitasking business was not working out…

To be continued….

Rina N. Risper