Excuse Me 4-20

Excuse me are you listening?

Dear Readers,

     Short and sweet today.  I am fighting off another cold. 
     Bill Cosby once said, “I don’t know the key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.”
     I thought that is a perfect quotation that all of us could use in our daily lives in an attempt to clarify to yourself that everyone’s opinion does not count when it comes to you. 
    I really think that no matter what level you are at that you will always have people who will try to be better, look better, have better children,and so on.  In my opinion, people should just let people be what they are. 
    Sometimes it is difficult to admit you are being taken advantage of but it is best to recognize it and let that person go no matter how much it may hurt you.  Surround yourself with good people.  Don’t compromise internal happiness for people who want to use you.
   Sexual advances  are innocent some times.  When I say ‘sexual advances’ the first thing  that you need to realize is  if the person is married you have just made your first mistake.  The second mistake is when you continue to push someone because of status.  It could be a teacher and a student, which is also unethical. 
   People in the wrong sometimes have tricked themselves into thinking they are right.
     For example, I had a woman come to me with allegations of police brutality against her son.  The incident happened several years ago but she still wanted to seek justice for what allegedly happened.
  I looked over the paperwork and sighed.  I am not an investigative reporter.  I also explained to her that she needed to see a  lawyer and not me .  As two of my own babies stumbled in and out of the room she cooed at them.
   I could not put myself in a position to spend a long time researching a case just to find out that what her son was being accused of was true.  Now I am a firm believer that if you can not do something you should tell people.  I cannot believe how people get involved with putting to much pressure on themselves to please someone else.
   Anyway to make on long story short, I had an opportunity to run into the woman again and she was angry and attacked me verbally for not being able to do a story.
   I wondered where her own son was and why he was not fighting so strongly for himself.  He is an adult now.
   Everyone has a story to tell and the story should not be told  by me unless, I have a New York Times budget, I will continue to do stories on people who are doing positive things in the community.  Investigations are not in the budget right now.  Hire a private investigator and then have him give me all the facts and then we will take it from there.
   Where has the time gone?  I bet when I get that one extra hour of opportunity to sleep it won’t be much.  I am aware that you cannot please everyone and you should not even try. 


Rina Risper