Excuse Me 4-3

Dear Readers,
    Have you ever really been angry with someone?  Not angry at the mailman, store clerk or the cleaners but  someone like a good friend, relative, person of God or a teacher.
    It is very difficult for any person to experience hurt by someone you care about or thought cared about you as a person.  And I am not speaking about intimate relationships at all.
     Readers, read closely,  the anger that I am talking about is not based on hearsay either.  It is not based on what you perceived happened.  If you are mad at someone for what someone else said or something that you perceived was said, get a grip !
    Go to that person and ask them if they said it or request an explanation.  If you do not you will never be able to let go.  
    Hurt comes in all forms too.  Hurt affects all people and there is no one pill that you can take to make the ‘hurt’ go away.
    You have to come clean with the person that hurt you and know in you heart that you have done everything, I mean everything in your power to make sure that the relationship was true to you.
     I am not referring to the people who cause trouble and then say, “Well, why would I lie?”  The troublemakers know that you are fragile and they want to make you more vulnerable.
     In my case, I was just plain ole’ angry.  I will not get into details but I thought I would share my experience with you.  Who else would I share it with?  
     I had a ‘friend’, who in my opinion treated me rudely.  I believe that it also involved money, religion and power.  The whole situation was the making of the plot for a mini series.  However, after one episode, it was cut.  I do not play that.  
     I was still really angry and I received this e-mail, from someone I just met.
     The subject read : Passing on Wisdom.
      I thought, how did she know what I was thinking about? I just met her.
     “You may indeed have every right to be angry.  Yet you also have a compelling reason to let that anger go.  You may be completely justified in seeking retribution.  Yet focusing on positive pursuits is much more likely to be in your best interest.  You may have all sorts of totally understandable reasons to think negatively of someone else.  Yet those negative thoughts, as reasonable and accurate as they may be, serve only to weigh you down.
     Think for a moment about how easily you could lighten your load by dropping the negativity you carry around.  Anger, blame, resentment and other such thoughts cost you much and bring you nothing of real value.
     Every negative thought uses up time and attention that could be invested in more productive pursuits.  Every negative thought pushes you back when you could just as easily be moving forward.
    When you feel a negative thought rising to the surface, see it for the dead weight that it is.  Then turn around, face forward, and set your sights on the abundance of positive possibilities.”
     I thought about it and I was satisfied with that message.  I kept reading it over and over and finally my mind started to believe what the message said.  
     We need to start respecting each other more and being more honest.  Telling someone that they hurt your feelings and why it hurts is the last thing that the person wants to hear.  If you cannot speak to them or they are not willing to speak to you, put it in writing.
    Please do not tell me that you don’t like to write.  Writing suits those when they want to get something done, like filling out paperwork to get medical treatment or getting your car fixed.  But when it comes to fixing your own mental state due to a personal drama, people are afraid to try to "fix it."  
    Yes, it may sound corny to most, but it works.  Soon the mention of the person or the things that used to push your buttons won’t be so painful to you any more.  Some people are simply ignorant and should not even be allowed to be in the same space you are.
     Even though the person you had a relationship with does not treat you like you think they should, it is not a problem.   It is up to you to understand that you have the power to stop allowing yourself to be manipulated.  You have the power … you have the power … only you.


Rina N. Risper

We will be having a poetry reading on March 10, 2005.
On April 7, 2005, I will be the featured poet.  Wow, that sounds really strange.  I have really enjoyed working with the Nu Poets.  So mark your calendar so that I can show you how much I have grown.
    I will be nervous though.  I guess that comes with everything.

IMPORTANT:  We will also be having a Theatre and Poetry Show for the American Cancer Society Breast Cancer fundraising event on April 24, 2005 starting at 6:30.  The proceeds will go towards medical research for breast cancer.   The event will be held at 621 which is located at 621 E. Michigan Avenue.  If you would like to help us with this event please let me know.  If you can not be there make a donation.  Our goal is to raise $2,000.00 in honor of Beulah LeSure who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  Research is important!!