Excuse Me… 6-5

Dear Readers,

     Sunday, March 4, 2007.  When I think about Robert Busby, I no longer feel as overwhelmed as I used to.  I felt a sense of anger.  Murder can make you feel that way.
     I told my friend and Robert’s friend of 20 years, Suellen, that I was very angry.  She told me to let go of the anger because there was not anything I could do about Robert’s murder.
    I attended the wake on the same day as the meeting with the NAACP meeting.
    Anger is a strange feeling for me.  I do not feel it that often.  Mostly when I do feel upset, I can change it and this time I could not.
     I sat outside in my car before Robert’s wake on Sunday and gripped on the steering wheel.  I prayed that I would find a parking space close so that I would not have to walk far.  I knew that the tears would freeze to my cheeks because they were already coming down and I could not stop it.
     I was quite irritated because I had to go to the NAACP meeting and find out answers to questions that were easily answered.
    It has been interesting how many people have told me to not print any more articles about the NAACP.  Well, currently it is news and currently the Lansing Branch NAACP should be treated differently from no other institution that does something that you question.
     With the recent departure of Bruce Gordon, National President of the NAACP and also Generation X discussion about the lack of interest in joining the NAACP it only seems fair to have a conversation about it.
     I don’t understand why it is so taboo to ask a simple question.  However, I still do not have the answer. 
     I have met Mr. Ray Mullins recently.  Mr. Mullins is the person who was denied membership.   He seems like a normal everyday person.  He does have clients in Lansing.
      The truth is the truth.  James Gill responded angrily. The article was written based on what occurred at the meeting. 
     As the daughter of a retired Brooklyn, New York cop, my father taught us some very interesting things.  One was to maintain respect and don’t let people intimidate you because they believe that you are uninformed.  I am not and never have been afraid of anyone and will not begin to start printing what other people want just because.  We will also print the types of stories that we want and will not be bullied by anyone.  We come up against that all of the time.
     I went to the meeting in good faith.  Someone could have told me that they were not interested in answering our questions.  It was just a waste of time and I could have stayed with my friends so that I could have grieved properly. 
     The NAACP has been in place for many years and quite possibly will remain the same during my lifetime. 
     Or maybe my children, will be able to determine that some things have changed and along with the passage of time, policies and ideals need to be updated along with them. 
      Every generation has its great cause.  What is ours?


Rina N. Risper