Excuse me are you listening? 4-21


Dear Readers,
     Procrastination is on the top of my list for discussion.  What I find to be a miracle and maybe my first baby steps towards my “Procrastination Recovery 10 Step Program” is that  I benefit greatly from just doing what I need to do as soon as possible.
   October was Domestic Violence Month and I was thrust into a media and performance frenzy, none of which I knew was going to happen.  What I mean is that I did not write it down in my calendar two months ago.  I was getting calls to speak or perform with a weeks notice.
  I perform a domestic violence piece entitled “ESUBA”, which spells ABUSE backward.  The piece is a very emotional piece for me and for those who watch me perform it.
    The problem and the blessing was that each time I performed it at an event another person would invite me to their event to perform it.  I performed in Ann Arbor twice this month.  
     The real problem was that all of the extra performances were not carved out in stone at least five weeks prior to.  My appointment book has become bound by rubberbands.
     I managed to get through this month without getting nervous hives because I did not procrastinate.  Limiting procrastination was on the top of my goal list for October.  Every month, I conquer goals even if it is just writing a letter to a friend, it is a goal accomplished.
    I do not procrastinate a lot but it seems that when I do a little there was a missed opportunity somewhere.  So I decided to do things in a more timely manner.
      If you own a cell phone you know that when it is not in working order your life gets a bit hectic.  My phone display went blank on a Friday.  Much to my displeasure.  My husband’s response was to just use his cell phone.  He only uses his to contact me but I use mine for business.  Even though I could not see the incoming  number displayed, I could hear the phone ring and I could make outgoing calls.  
     I was more upset about the fact that I could not see the numbers in my cell phonebook. 
      My weekend was hectic, picking up messages was also difficult because people did not leave phone numbers.  I guess they automatically assumed that the number would show on the display.  Well, they did not, so I am sorry for not answering your phone call because you did not leave a message.
     I spent my Sunday in Southfield and Ann Arbor.   My Saturday, I spent preparing for my trip to both cities and a Halloween party given by our friend Angel.   Yes, that is her real name and she is a very sweet person.       
     My husband Frank was so excited about this party.  I was actually surprised.  If any of you know Frank, he does not get excited about too many things.
      When he brought home the outfit he was so excited.  He reminded me of a little kid.  He was going to be Dracula and while he struggled to take it out the bag he performed his best ghoulish laugh.  I think he got it perfected by watching old black and white  Dracula movies.  He definitely would make a great ‘Blackula’ standing almost at 6 feet 5 inches.
     The costume had a really great mask that went with it but it was for Caucasian skin.  I asked him if they had a choice and he said no.  
     I had to put on my crafty hat.  Hmmm.  Mind you, my husband is the color of black coffee with three drops of cream.  
    I ran upstairs to get my foundation, which I should have known wasn’t going to work but at least it would have been better than the peach colored mask that was so out of place on my husband’s head.
     The foundation did not work on the realistic mask.  My crafty brain started ticking again.  I pulled out my box of paints and began to pour dots of brown paint on a piece of paper.
     I was proud of my paint collection.  My husband used to look at me with the “what are you going to do with all that paint” face when I went to the store to get 2 colors and would come back with 20.
      Yes, maple brown did the trick and we were in business.  I told him to only wear it when necessary, so he wore it on the side of his head most of the time.  He was quite hilarious  with the “two headed Blackula “ costume.  It was great and we had a good time.
      Sunday was busy, I had to be out of the house by 10:00 am, actually 11:00 am but I always tell my husband an hour earlier so that I can get my extra kisses and hugs in from the children and handle extra business like looking for the 3 year old’s lost dump truck.
        Monday, on my way to Verizon in Okemos, MI.  I usually go to the one on Saginaw in Lansing but the service has been lacking.   I prayed that I would not have to pay for a new phone.  I just purchased a phone for another line and was not really in the mood.  I thought maybe they had some magic dust that they could blow on it or something.
      I hate waiting on line.  I think that someone should start a new reality show  that has really rich people like the person who owns the bank stand in line on a Friday to cash his check, or better yet give him the teller’s check and ask him or her to live off of it for a bi-weekly period (that was my rant for this letter).
      I walked in the Okemos branch and I was greeted by a friendly employee who lead me to where I should go.  I was grateful that she did not assume that I was a repeat customer.
      I had to wait for service for a long time though.  I think that any wait time over 15 minutes is a long time.
     I was still fighting a cold and Amir, the 3-year old was with me.  Of course, on this day Amir was in rare form.  
       I was determined though waiting patiently as the other people waiting on line began to leave.  They probably had to go back to work.  I figured if I left, I would not get back there in a while.  After 30 minutes, I was called.  I had a great big smile because that was all I could do to keep from being a tad bit upset.  
      She looked at my account and said, “Thank goodness you did not procrastinate because if you would have come in tomorrow you would have had to pay for your phone.”
      I thought this is wonderful.  She had just validated one of my goals right there before me.  It was pretty clear right then and there that regardless of how hard you think you are working sometimes is it better to just handle those little things before they add up and become costly.  
     Why wait until the new year to begin to straightening your life out.  Take one step at a time and do  not let fear hold you back.
Rina Risper