Excuse me are you listening? 6-10

Dear Readers,

    Today, is the first day of the rest of my life.   Imagine if you woke up every day, thinking  that to yourself.
     Imagine that every morning you woke up with the intention of changing your life.  But you never do because you are a procrastinator or maybe you are relying on someone else to do it for you.  It could be just because you’re nice and you’re stuck in the same rut with the same  people and you don’t want to change .  However, you  still  always complain.
      Procrastination is evil.  I will say it again.  Procrastination is evil.  It makes you look bad, feel bad and think poorly about yourself.  Most of all it helps all the complaints flourish in your mind, like germs on an old toothbrush.
     That additional 40 pounds you want to take off or the book that you want to read  is still sitting on the library book shelf just waiting for you.
     So why  can’t you deal with changing your eating habits a little bit. 
    It’s not that hard.  Just start drinking one glass of water a day instead of pop.  Instead of having french fries have a salad.  I am not talking about a salad ladened with salad dressing.  They have even started putting calories on the wrappers of fast foods.
     Eating in moderation and with a sensible mind will keep you healthier.
     There are some people who have medical reasons for overeating, however, there is still a larger majority who just don’t want to take a chance on taking a walk or eating an apple.
      My son purchased a shirt that says “Procrastinators Unite Tomorrow” some time ago and every time I look that shirt I wonder what if tomorrow stretches into years of tomorrows. 
      A friend of mine sent me an e-mail about three generations of a family who obtained their high school diplomas in the same month.
    A grandfather, a father and a granddaughter.  This was about two people that thought that if they obtained their degrees that they would be changed for the better.  Enduring night school and probably the realization that they both waited a long time to go back to school did not hinder their progress.
   The grandfather was the one who woke up and decided that he was going to get his diploma.  He had the realization, that he was enhancing his life and  mental state.  He didn’t need his diploma for work; he needed it to change his life.  He needed it to complete something he started years ago and did not finish.  He did not want to be stuck.  He did not complain, he encouraged his son to finish high school by his side.
     There was no procrastination. I am sure that when they both stood in front of their family and friends receiving their diplomas, they were realizing that the day that they decided to make a change for the better that they were starting the first day of the rest of their lives.    

Rina Risper