Excuse me, are you Listening? How do you feel?

 Dear Readers,

You have all been doing so well during the pandemic.  We are all trying to make sense of what is going on.  Well I am here to tell you that it is not easy.  You can get wrapped up in depression and not really figure it out until someone else tells you.
It is fine to be in a bad mood or have negative thoughts or feelings but the issue becomes a problem when they bounce around inside of your head or you take it out on the people around you.
There are many people who are just trying to get by and there are others who are using this opportunity to better connect with themselves or their families.  There are some who have decided to go back to school and learn a new skill or to enhance the skills they already have.  There are some who are sewing masks to help or collecting food.  There is a new face of poverty.
Whatever you are doing, please be positive.  Please note that not reacting to a negative is positive.  Times are different.  Log on to our website support our mission to continue to provide information to the community and beyond.  
We are right here with you in the struggle.  If you need any resources, please do not hesitate to call 517-3728466.
Stay safe.  Mask up.  Be kind.
Love people, 
Rina Risper