Excuse me, are you listening?: I get to cherish my memories by writing them down and I hope you are doing the same.

Written by Rina Risper

Dear Readers,

The air is getting crisp and the squirrels have started collecting food for the winter.  The birds and people who fly south for the winter are making preparations to leave.

Every Fall, I get prepared for the arrival of winter.  As soon as August is over, I am so aware that I live in Michigan and it just might snow in October.

I love living in Lansing.  It is one of the most interesting places I have been on the face of this earth.

I love the emerging cultural crowd here in Lansing as well. Some people are putting on some wonderful events and promoting some great projects.  It is up to you all to get out and see them.  The Michigan State University Museum is one place that everyone should visit this fall.  It is not the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Guggenheim Museum but it is our museum.  Our galleries are fantastic too.

As with everything, it is getting busier for me.  I am very proud of myself readers.

In one week, I gathered all of the baby clothes and maternity clothes and gave them to charity.  Brace yourself,  I had eight black garbage bags stuffed with clothes.  I also gave away somethings that I had held on to for too long.  I had clothes I had not worn for three years hanging in my closet that needed to go.

When I first started collecting clothes, I realized that it was because I did not have any money to spend on them.  I would collect and keep them in good condition.  I had suits in my closet that would have dated me back to the night time drama “Dallas”.

I guess at some point in time, I had to come to the realization that my baby making days are OVER.

After I cleaned out my closet, I started cleaning everything else.  It seemed as though with the realization that I was no longer going to actively engage in trying to have another baby, my entire surroundings began to change.

I noticed things like the baby bottle that has been with the glasses in the cabinet for the past three years.  I reluctantly put it in the trash can in the kitchen.

My children are way too grown now.  They are getting noisier too.  As I listen to the music of the over priced ice cream truck, I recalled an event that always brings a smile to my face.

The sound of an ice cream truck brings a crazed reaction in our household.  All of a sudden, things that were  important like coloring and playing with toys become unimportant.  Ice cream truck fever strikes and everyone goes bananas!!!

The children would yell, “Mommy, can we please, buy some ice cream.”

I would say, “We have ice cream in the refrigerator.”

One would reply, “Our ice cream does not taste as good as the ice cream truck’s ice cream.”

I could strangle my mom for introducing them to the ice cream truck.  But “the ice cream truck madness” was sure to hit my home at some point in time.

I replied while looking in my purse, “Let me see, Hmm, I don’t have any money.”

My 5 year old replied, “ What do you mean you don’t have any money?  You could use your credit card.”

I started laughing and still smile as I retype the story.  I get to cherish my memories by writing them down and I hope you are doing the same.


Rina N. Risper