Excuse me, Are you Listening? Life insurance is important, Part I

Dear Readers,

September was National Life Insurance Month.  The Coronavirus has shown us how death could come so quickly.  I do not know anyone who likes to talk about death but it is very necessary.  Put aside fear and unknowing and just apply for insurance.
Life insurance is not only to cover income replacement so that the family can continue to pay bills and expenses that are incurred daily.  It takes pressure off of those who are not working. 
I used to cringe when someone would tell me that parents who stay at home to raise the children provide “free” services.  There is no such thing. Stay-at-home parents are worth more than you think.  Think about child care, afterschool care, meal preparation, cleaning, shopping and basic errands. 
Life insurance affords you the opportunity to hire someone to help you through difficult times.
Stay safe.  Mask up.  Be kind.
Love people, 
Rina Risper
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