Excuse me, Are you Listening? Life insurance is important, Part II


Rina Risper, President & Publisher of The New Citizens Press

Dear Readers,

In the last edition, I wrote about life insurance.  There are so many other reasons to have it so here is Part II.  I just need to put it on your radar that you need to consider getting some for your family and yourself. 
Here are a few more reasons why you should get life insurance:
Life insurance can help a special needs child with financial support no matter when a parent passes away.
Life insurance can help you if you need to cover the cost of a student loan or credit card that you have co-signed with someone.
Life insurance can help your loved ones pay for a mortgage so your family does not have to move if you die.
Life insurance can alleviate concern about those who do not want their loved ones to worry about paying for their funerals.  A small life insurance policy can pay for your final expenses.
Life insurance is also a way to provide an inheritance to your family members.
To find out what kind of life insurance best suits your needs, talk to Dan Zeiger. I have known him for years and he knows the business.   I have plenty of experience with life insurance and one thing that you don’t need is to buy insurance and you have not budgeted for it.  Dan’s phone number is 517-202-2362.
Stay safe.  Mask up.  Be kind.
Love people, 
Rina Risper