Excuse me, Are you Listening? We will be talking about 2020 for a long time!

Dear Readers,

It seems as though 2020 has lasted for two years already.  Is that even possible in late August or early September?  With the amount of sleepless nights and no end to the novel Coronavirus, we still remain more stressed than ever.  Who would have ever thought that the idea of wearing a mask would cause so much controversy? It is difficult to function in spaces where some are abiding by the rules and others are not. There are a lot of tired people.  We are frustrated.  We forget that people are dying unless it impacts us directly.  I am at a loss for words.
The cell phone and video has given a new meaning to “candid camera”,  Even when there are multiple individuals filming it is difficult to ignore the disregard that some law enforcement has.  I have had my own experiences with being held at gunpoint by the police but I would certainly be more traumatized if I had to view it.
I want to discuss television and death.  I am traumatized.  I have never seen people die so many ways from so many different angles from cell phone videos or police body cams.  Is this our new world?
As people start picking sides, I see racism, hate, anger and frustration cropping up from so many different places.  It is frightening.
The legacy that we are leaving for the next generation is surely going to be one for the history books.  I hope WE get it right.  The year 2020 came limping in despite being tagged with monikers of clarity and knowledge, for example “2020 Vision.”  That moniker was erased when foggy information started to come in about how the Coronavirus was affecting the world.
Stay safe.  Mask up.  Be kind.
Love people, 
Rina Risper
PS We have been publishing since February 2002!