A transcript of the 911 call made from the mother of Mike Tyson’s daughter Exodus after the 4-year-old was discovered unconscious indicates the mom "did all she could when this tragic accident occurred," police tell E! News.

"She did what experts suggest," Phoenix Police Sgt. Andy Hill said. "She called 911 immediately. She began CPR and continued until police and firefighters arrived. The Phoenix Fire Department 911 operator did an outstanding job on this call, assisting the mother until help arrived on scene."     

Exodus, Tyson’s daughter with Sol Xochitl, was pronounced dead Tuesday morning, a day after her head got caught in a cord hanging from a treadmill.  
Per the New York Daily News, the transcript, which often comes in broken gasps and partial sentences from the mother begins, “Mom: [Very excitedly]…Yes, my baby! She’s choked! She has the—the thing from the…”     

At several points, the mother appears to have difficulty understanding questions from the dispatcher due to her excitement. At one point, the mother discovers blood has filled her baby’s mouth.  

The mother yells to the dispatcher: “Should I do CPR on her? [Rise in voice, very frantic].”     
The dispatcher responds, “Yeah, I’m gonna tell you how to do CPR.”      
To this, Tyson’s daughter’s mother quickly responds, “I know how to do it!”     

The dispatcher then tells her, “I want you to get the blood outta there as best as you can and then I want you to start CPR on her.”     

The mother then appears to continue doing CPR until paramedics arrive and can take over trying to help the little girl. She doesn’t say much more, but the transcript reports she can be heard crying in the background while doing CPR.     

Authorities have said that they believe Exodus’ death was an accident. "There is no update to the case at this point," Hill told E! News. "Investigators continue to view it as an accidental death based on all the evidence obtained thus far. The only other piece of the investigation they are waiting for is the report that will be submitted by the Maricopa County Medical Examiner."      
People.com caught up with LaLa Vazquez, one of the producers of the current James Toback-directed documentary "Tyson."

"It’s unbelievable," she says. "He hit a great point with this movie, and people were starting to get him, and treat him with understanding. And this happens."      

 "I think he’s at a point where he can deal with it," added Vasquez, also an MTV VJ and wife of Denver Nuggets player Carmelo Anthony. "But I don’t care how confident you are in yourself: This is a crusher. With maturity and age and everything he went through, he will be able to pull this through for his family. He will make it through this. But, man, what else can happen to him?"

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