The Gospel Music Hall of Fame & Museum (G.M.H.F. & M.) was founded by David Gough (The Mayor of Gospel Music in 1995.  President and founder of G.M.H.F. & M., song writer,  producer, musician,  gospel singer, record company executive, businessman, husband, father,  and a man  of God.  He is  multifaceted and still has a genuine concern for the Word and people of God.

Mr. Gough a native of Detroit, established the G.M.H.F. & M. in the city that has produced some of the world’s greatest music talents.

Gough says, “What I want to do through my music ministry is to see that the Word of God is delivered and that people on the receiving end are empowered by it,”  he adds. “We are children  of the King and it is time that we begin  expressing the true power that we possess.”

Gough, was given the charge of being “The Mayor of Gospel Music” and soon after God saw that Gough was suitable for even a bigger task, because of his love for God and God’s people.  He established the G.M.H.F. & M. where gospel greats from the past, present  and future could be honored for their contribution to the furtherance of gospel music.

The G.M.H.F. & M. is located only a few miles form the Motown Museum in Detroit,  Michigan  and is dedicated to the preservation and education of gospel music.

When you visit the G.M.H.F. & M. you have the opportunity to learn about the father of gospel, Thomas A. Dorsey; read original compositions of gospel pioneers; browse through the Hall of Fame and view portraits of those who have made significant contributions to this hand clapping, soul stirring, heartfelt musical art form called gospel music.  Born of Negro Spirituals, the blues and tabernacle songs, gospel music originated in the early 1900’s.  Though Dorsey humbly gives credit to composer C.A. Tindley, many have contributed to its development.

The museum is located at 18301 W. McNichols, Detroit, MI 48219.  They may be contacted at 313-592-0017, for more information regarding the museum or to donate gospel recordings or printed matter.

Printed in Volume 1 Issue 12