How to Have a Beautiful and Lush Green Lawn

By Carol Stack

Having a green, lush lawn is easier than you might think. If you don’t have the ideal lawn you have always dreamed of, don’t worry. With just a few simple steps, you, too, can have an amazing lawn.

In order to have a beautiful lawn, you must start with a good foundation. Whether starting from scratch or trying to bring life back to your lifeless lawn, start with seeding. A rotary spreader will evenly distribute the grass seed over the entire surface.

Once you have enough seed down you will need to make sure the grass has sufficient water. In some parts of the world where there is normally enough rainfall to maintain a lawn, you might still need to water after seeding the lawn. You will want to make sure you water the seeds enough to help them grow.

On average, a healthy lawn needs between one and two inches of water a week. If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where it rains throughout the summer, you will not need to bother with sprinklers. However, if a drought occurs it might become necessary to water by hand to keep the lawn green and healthy.

If you need to water by hand or with sprinkler, it is important to water for short periods of time in order to avoid run-off or puddles. Also, you want to water in the early morning hours when it is cooler outside. Otherwise, you risk frying the grass from the hot summer sun.

To help the lawn maintain a healthy look, you will need to fertilize it. In the early spring, you will want to wait until you have mowed the grass several times before applying a fertilizer.

Be sure to match the fertilizer with the specific time of year. Spring, summer and winter fertilizer all contain different ingredients and are designed for use during the specific seasons. In the fall it is important to fertilize the lawn before the first frost.

Another step in maintaining a healthy lawn is to properly mow it. You will want to mow at least once a week. Be sure not to set the mower blade too low or you will end up killing the grass. Also, be sure not to mow in circles.

When mowing, be sure to overlap the strips you have mowed. This will ensure that all of the grass is mowed evenly. Mowing shorter grass more often is better for your yard.

One final step in having a healthy lawn is weed control. If your grass is fighting with weeds for nutrients, it is less likely to grow properly. So be sure to apply a weed control throughout the lawn-growing season. Often, weed control can be combined with fertilizer.

If crabgrass appears in your lawn it is very important to get rid of it at once. Pull it out by the roots. If necessary, dig it out with a shovel. Then re-seed the grass and water. Be sure you don’t ignore the crabgrass or it will soon take over the entire lawn. A little work now is better than a lot of work later.

In conclusion, having a beautiful and healthy lawn requires some effort. However, the rewards are so great that you won’t mind putting a little effort into the care of your lawn. By following a few simple steps, you can maintain a beautiful lawn all year long.

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