INTRODUCING THE MICHAEL VICK DOG CHEW TOY: Company hit with multiple copyright lawsuits; proceeds earmarked for Humane Society

       A Web site offering a doggie chew toy named after NFL quarterback Michael Vick is the target of several copyright lawsuits – from the NFL, the Atlanta Falcons and Vick himself. calls attention to the athlete’s federal dogfighting charges with the $7.99 chew toy that features a likeness of Vick in his Atlanta Falcons uniform and holding a football.    
      A portion of the proceeds is earmarked for the Humane Society to help "shed some light on this horrendous sport of dogfighting," but the current lawsuits against the company may hinder those efforts.
      Vick and three associates face federal conspiracy charges alleging they bought and sponsored dogs in a fighting venture and traveled across state lines to participate in illegal activity, including gambling, prosecutors announced last month.

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