Joshua, you provided encouragement for all of us.

Written by Rina Risper

Dear Readers,

In our last edition we featured a story entitled "Always & Forever:  A Story of Life and Death – Part I.

We were supposed to print Part II in this edition in this column.   However, when I received the information from Letisha Powell, wife of Kyle Powell, I thought why should I write about her life with Kyle.  I wanted to allow her to express the words herself.

Reading her story and speaking to her about their love gave me goose bumps.   I remember visiting with her the Saturday before her beloved husband’s funeral, Letisha Powell watched her wedding video with family and friends.

I could feel the love and the ‘smile and wink’ that Kyle had for everyone.  It was Letisha who told us about Kyle’s love of a certain nighttime series and how after studying, he would replay the whole episode to back to her.  She said that she always felt as though she had watched it first hand. It will be the first time that let someone else guest column in the space.

Everyone knew Kyle from the radio or  Channel 53 news as a sportscaster.  He loved music and he loved sports.

Helen Duboise, former owner of WQHH 96.5, summed it all up quite simply and said, "He was so special."

Also there were probably thousands at the funeral.  I was sitting in the front and while dealing with my own grief I did not remember all of the people who lined the walls and spilled out into the hallway.

The Union Missionary Baptist church’s men’s choir lulled me into a sense that everything was going to be all right.  I was told that Kyle loved being in the choir.

I was extremely impressed by a young mime named "Josiah Mime" whose real name is Joshua Moore.  He did a gospel mime to Yolanda Adam’s song "The Battle".  I cried harder because I knew Latisha had a battle ahead of her.

When I spoke to 17 year old Joshua he told me that he picked that piece because he thought it would provide her with encouragement.

Well Joshua, you provided encouragement for all of us.

Rina N. Risper