Keep the Faith, Trust in God Only, and Seek After a Pure Heart

Written by Frank Risper

I knew that today was going to be a struggle. I could feel it as soon as I opened my eyes this morning. My body was tired, my mind was saying take a day off and get some rest. I also knew that if my wife, Rina, was awake she would tell me to take the day off as well.

Well, I shook off those feelings and went to work as I always do. Over the 26 years on my job, I’ve probably have averaged one sick day a year.

Under the same circumstances, there are some people that might not have gone into work. I believe it’s all right to call in when you’re really sick, but I have a hard time not going into work just because I don’t feel like it. I feel responsible for my job duties. I know my co-workers and customers are counting on me to show up.

So on this day, I struggle on. I understand that it’s not always about me and what I want or how I may feel that day.

Sometimes it’s all about showing good character or more importantly, setting a positive example for others to follow.

My dear mother, Deloris Risper, who has passed away, worked two jobs to take of eight children and I don’t remember her getting child support. I learned a good work ethic from her. A lot of times I knew she was tired but she would get up and go to work.

Remember there’s someone watching you. And, I’m not talking about your boss either.

I’m talking about those who look up to you, like a younger brother or sister, or your children. It could even be your neighbor down the street who watches you every morning get in your car and head for work.

For sure, those of you who have children know for a fact that they will mimic you. For the most part if you’re a hard worker, they’ll become hard workers. If they don’t you’re confident in your assessment that you did everything in your power to make sure that you trained your children to be good productive citizens.

So I struggle on. Yes, it’s hard work, but remember your character is being improved as well.

Don’t be discouraged as you move through this life. Take each day as it comes and only take one day at a time. Ask and believe that God will see us through to a positive end.

The one thing I know for sure, God loves you and wants the best for you. I’m a witness to that on a daily basis.

When you feel that all of your labor is for nothing, God will send an angel your way to let you know that He has his eye on you.

Keep your eyes open for that angel. It could be anyone, a child with an innocent smile, a homeless man on the street, or even a pet with a sloppy kiss for your cheek.

You never know.

Remember these three things: keep the faith, trust in God only, and seek after a pure heart. Then, God will be pleased.