Kids Raise Money for Hospice Sign

Written by Rina Risper

Mrs. Fuller and her students celebrated the unveiling on the new Hospice Residence sign. The new sign will be lighted at the top of the Residence driveway and will be easy to see at 3411 Stoneleigh Drive.In addition to the new sign, the name of the Residence will be changed to reflect the common name used by the families served by Hospice of Lansing as of June 7, 2006. The new name is Stoneleigh Residence. Stoneleigh is a name frequently used by hospice families and the hope is the name change will clear up any confusion among the general public between the Hospice of Lansing Residence and other hospice facilities in the area.

Hospice of Lansing is the original nonprofit, community-based, independent hospice serving the mid-Michigan area in professional, compassionate end-of-life care for more than 25 years. For more information please contact Dusty DeHaven at 517-882-4500.