Love and Marriage

     JACKSON, MI — A couple of Fridays before her ‘big day’ Christina Page and her entire wedding party took a half hour drive to Lansing, MI to learn ballroom from Sterling Armstrong at Gregory’s Ice and Smoke.  Christina is planning a wedding and she wants to make sure that her wedding party can dance.
     Christina’s dream is to have a perfect wedding. In many ways it will be a traditional wedding and in others it will not.
     Christina will be wed in a beautiful red wedding gown.
     When asked how she chose a red dress, the blushing bride said, “Everyone kept telling me that I would know the right dress as soon as I saw it.  I went to a store in Lansing and the sales person showed me a dress and I knew that was the dress I wanted.”
     Christina and her fiance’ ,Timothy Craig, met at Jackson High School in 1998 at the age of 15 and 16 years old.  They have known each other for 9 years. They’re now 23 years old and have been engaged for 15 months.
    The couple will be married on August 25, 2007 at Trinity Wesleyan Church, 620 Robinson Road in Jackson, MI.
    Traditionally, brides and grooms pick people in their lives to stand beside them during marriage.  Christina and Timothy chose their best man and maid of honor together.   Eric Copeland, the best man, has been a very good friend of Tim’s for a very long time, they grew up together. 
    Timothy said, "It made perfect sense to include him in the wedding in that respect because he has truly earned that title."
     Cynthia Page is their maid of honor.  She is Christina’s big sister who has been there for her always.  She said that it is good to have someone around who helps tremendously.  The process of planning a wedding is a long journey. 
     Christina said, "Even at 9 months pregnant she (Cynthia), along with my mother  was willing to be dragged to bridal shows, bridal shops, etc. with me.  I’m so appreciative and grateful for that.  I’m very blessed to have a totally selfless family."
      Both of their sisters, are attendants, of course.  The friends in their wedding are all childhood friends, with the exeception of one of the bridesmaids who Christina met at work. 
      Christina explained the importance of having friends and family around during the the planning stages.  She realized that she was luckier than most to have such a close knit group to support her and Timothy.
      She expressed with a smile of relief, "We’re blessed to still have great friendships with the people we grew up with."
       The process was hectic in the beginning because she is the first in her family to get married. So, there was a lot of researching involved in the first few months to find the right vendors for everything, checking references, etc.   
       Even though it was slow going at first Christina and Timothy made sure that they educated themselves.
       Christina said, "Then I started feeling more in control, simply because my wedding checklist  was being completed one by one. Now, I’m just fine tuning.  Thank goodness."
       They have a home already that was purchased last year and they  have registered for  bed and bath belongings, a few kitchen items, and home furnishings.  Most couples already have a blender and registries need to keep up with the changing family structures.    They chose to be registered at Target and Elder Beerman but other  couples choose to compile a registry at Home Depot  or respectfully request cash.
        Christina said, "It’s been alot of fun organizing the little details, meeting and working with so many different people, personalities,
ideas, etc. Having full control over what I know will be the best day of my life has been awesome.  Getting married and sharing this event with our family and friends will be the most special day of our lives."
       All four parents will be be present and participating.  The bride’s parents, Cynthia and Rafael Page and groom’s parents, Gloria and Robert Craig are very proud of their children.
        The couple will honeymoon on a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise.
        When asked to describe her wedding Christina said, "It will be a little unusual, a little untraditional, sensual, totally modern, with candles, great music and lush red roses."
         Be rest assured there will also be a lot of dancing as well.  Sterling Armstrong, the dance instructor will be taking a trip to Jackson to teach the men a few steps too.