Malcom X Remembered

     BOSTON, MA- The Malcolm X/Ella L. Little-Collins Family Foundation Inc. and Rodnell P. Collins, nephew of Malcolm X has issued the following statement regarding the 40th anniversary of Malcolm‚s assassination on February 21, 1965:
     “In the 40 years since Malcolm‚s untimely death, we are now, more than ever,  in need of his words and leadership. Today, in a world of tragedy with no honor and little justice, a man would look back to the age of rebels and kings. He would see the glorious struggle of the warrior Malcolm, his people and the battle that to this day has not yet been won. In this year of 2005, we celebrate the life and the struggle of Malcolm X. As we remember, a glimpse of his justice and his belief for the right of any man or woman on this Earth shines inside all the people of our generation. But for now we can only hope that people will see the world as it should be and work diligently to build a world that future generations can be proud of.”
     Rodnell Collins is the nephew of Malcolm X and son of Ella Little Collins, Malcolm’s sister. Ella Collins knew Malcolm X perhaps better than anyone else. Ella took Malcolm into her Boston (Roxbury, Massachusetts) home after his father was lynched and his mother was institutionalized following a nervous breakdown. Also, Ella was the one who went looking for Malcolm in the streets of Boston when he was a rebellious teenager and monitored his development in prison. In addition, Ella later paid for Malcolm’s trip to the holy city of Mecca.
      “Malcolm’s life was cut short, but there were important things around his life not included in his autobiography, and we hope to share this information,” said Rodnell Collins who spent much time with Malcolm, and at times, was even his driver and confidant. Collins, author of “Seventh Child: A Family Memoir of Malcolm X,” is the curator of the Malcolm X/Ella Little Collins house in Boston, MA and the Founder/ President of the Malcolm X/Ella L. Little-Collins Foundation Inc. In addition, he is the President of the Organization of Afro American Unity Inc., founded by Malcolm X.
     Collins recently launched The Malcolm X/Ella L. Little-Collins Family Foundation, to recognize Malcolm’s life and legacy. The Foundation was formed in honor and recognition of over 175 years of the Little and Collins families’ struggle for freedom/empowerment and human rights in community, religion, and government (national/international). The Foundation collects materials to archive for scholarly research and preservation of Malcolm and his family legacy. It will also manage the Malcolm X /Ella Little Collins house, a historical landmark designated by the City of    Boston    and state of    Massachusetts   . Institutions or individuals who seek to preserve the legacy of Malcolm X may work collectively with the Foundation, a 501(c)3 state /federal non- profit tax exempt organization.

Source: AANewswire